CES 2013: Zalman Keeps Its Cool with a Fanless Cooler [Video]

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CES 2013: Zalman Keeps Its Cool with a Fanless Cooler [Video]

Zalman at CESA cooler with no fans? Zalman says 'Yes'!

Zalman is planning to launch a pair of CPU coolers in the second quarter of 2013, one of them a closed-loop liquid cooler unlike any you've ever seen before, the company told us at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It's called the CI Water Cooler, which is an updated version of the company's CNPS LQ Series of self-contained liquid coolers. The other is a fanless block.

Starting with the CI, the cooler is rated at up to 400 watts of cooling capacity, has composite heatpipes, and features lots of surface area with two layers of fins. Both the C.I. and the fanless FX100 Cube won a CES Design & Engineering award.

Speaking of the FX100 Cube, this passive cooler has no fans and is massive, belying the fact that it weighs less than 500g and fits in a standard ATX case. If the thought of going fanless scares you, or you simply want more cooling performance, you can remove the top plate and add a 92mm fan in the middle, though it's entirely optional.

Check out the video below to see both coolers up close and in action.

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/oPfk3WcwsQs" width="620" height="349" frameborder="0">></iframe>

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