NZXT Phantom 820 Review

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NZXT Phantom 820 Review
Pulpit rock
Good looks, solid installation, a few eyebrow-raising quirks If you’re big on case lightingâ€"you Cylon fan, youâ€"you’re going to absolutely love NZXT’s latest Phantom chassis. It’s rare to see such attention to detail paid to simple illumination, as with the three separate strands of lighting found on the exterior, interior, and rear of NZXT’s Phantom 820. Cooler still, you can manually cycle through a variety of colors for the lights, so as to find the one that matches whatever mood you’re in at any given moment. Don’t assume that you can just leave certain wires dangling on this case: To get all of its features to work, plug in everything you can get your hands on! Of course, a case is more than just its looksâ€"striking as the sharp angles might be on the various windows and grills adorning this jet-black chassis. Installation-wise, stuffing parts into the Phantom 820 is a pretty pain-free process that leaves plenty of room for advanced customizations by skilled system-builders. We’re going to assume that describes you, since your average DIY computer crafter isn’t likely to buy a $250 ticket to this case’s light show. Regardless of its redeeming qualities, it’s a wee bit expensive. The Phantom 820 comes with four 5.25-inch bays, which all lock your optical drives (or reservoirs) into place using handy little plastic mechanisms instead of the screws we oh-so-hate. And we’re giving special mention to the Phantom 820’s drive covers, which lock on

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